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Personalized Window Treatments

Blinds and Shades Information

At Modern Blinds Company in Northridge, California, we provide premium quality and affordable blinds and other window treatment products. Read through our product information here for your reference:

Information on the variety of window treatment product’s we provide,all of our product’s we stand by. We manufacture our blind’s and shade’s with high quality material with many year’s of experience. You will find a variety of option’s from high end to affordable,we will always try and be the most affordable option with the best quality of blind’s and shades. If you have any questions regarding a certain style we can help you we have a wide variety of colors, styles, patterns of each blind and shades.

Roller Shades

We provide a wide range of roller shade’s for regular windows, vertical windows,exterior windows and for the outdoor,curved slopes or horizontal windows,skylight windows. Roller Shades can add a prestige and modern look to your window treatment. We provide a wide range of patterns on our Roller Shades. The variety of colors and fabric types are available in different types of openness, UV blockage and blackout for sun light filtering. Roller Shades give a cutting edge look to the windows. We offer motorizations for all our Roller Shades.

-Our regular Roller Shades are compact when drawn up like a regular roller, requiring little space when lowered,it is uncluttered by any structural elements. The simple look of the shade,it’s functional advantages,and it’s cost effectiveness to reduce heat makes it one of our best sellers. Made for any size window for regular windows and vertical windows. Both manual & motorized systems available.

-Our exterior Roller Shades are designed and engineered for OUTDOOR USE. Exterior roller shades are even more effective at reducing ultraviolet radiation than indoor shades. They reduce heat and glare, fading of furniture and carpet, and in general greatly reduce all the damage, discomfort, and annoyance by the sun. Both manual & motorized systems available.

-Our Sun Roller is a folding shade made exclusively with solar-screen fabric for the use of vertical windows. Lifting cords run from the bottom of the shade through a series of pulleys and cord guides (rings attached to the shade). The cords lift the shade from the bottom causing the shade to fold on it self as it rises. Structural battens running from side to side give the shade an “architectural” appearance. Both manual & motorized systems available.

-Our Track Shades are highly versatile folding shade systems used to cover horizontal, vertical, sloped and curved glass surfaces such as found in green houses, sloped windows, barrel-some glass, and skylight windows. In a folding shade system, the fabric folds like a Roman Shade,rather then rolling onto a tube as in Roll-Shade system. When the shade is open, there is an attractive stack which hands down and is visible,rather then a roll. Most of our track shades are made up of solar-screen fabric.

-Our Sky Roller Shade is a motorized roll shade system that is engineered for use in horizontal or sloped overhead windows such as skylights. Ideal for situations where they can be used to block the sun at certain times of the day,but then can be opened when light is needed. The operating cords are hidden inside the channels for a clean,unobstructed view. The side channels, in addition to hiding the operating cords provide a degree of light control. They are great for reducing heat, eat time privacy, reduce glare, reduce fading of carpet and furniture.

Understanding Fabrics

.Solar-Screen Fabric

Solar-screen fabrics are highly engineered for interior and exterior sun control. These fabrics are woven to filter the sun rather than block it out. A solar-screen fabric can stop enough of the sunlight to eliminate discomfort from heat, glare and damage to furnishings while still being able to see through the fabric to the outside. Available in a wide variety of colors and weaves.

.Decorative Fabrics

Decorative fabrics offer distinctive textures, colors and weaves in varying degrees of opacity. Decorative fabrics can help define the overall ambiance of your interior.SHEER FABRICS offer complete view-through. During the day, you can see out; at night, you can see in. PRIVACY FABRICS cast a soft glow of light during the day while allowing for complete privacy.

.Black Out Fabrics

Blackout fabrics prevent light from entering a room. They can create total privacy to the outside and a design element to the interior. These kinds of fabrics, combined with the right shade style and light control options, are useful for rooms in which video or slide show presentations are made or for any situation where a complete absence of light is desired.

Blackout fabrics are the most energy efficient fabrics.

Cellular shades

Modern Blinds cellular shade collection is one of the industry’s most fashionable. Our shades, light filtering to blackout, single cells to double cells come in a rainbow of fashion colors from soft neutrals to rich jewel tones. Specialty fabrics such as sheer, slub woven, linen prints and crush fabrics add more choices and creativities to home decoration. Fire retardant fabrics provide more options to commercial applications. We also provide the Cellular Shades motorized as well. We offer cordless , day/night shade,cordless top down bottom up,corded,and skylight view shade, and also offer motorization in all of our cellular shades.

.Features & benefits

-High-quality non-woven and woven fabrics

-Heavy duty aluminum head rails and bottom rails

-UnIque cell structure offers energy efficiency & pleat retention

.Light control

-Sheer- Creates a gentle, diffused light

-Woven- Mutes light in bright conditions

-Light Filtering-Filters out most light

.Blackout- Blocks all light

Natural Woven Shades & Panels

Natural Woven Shades can be used in any setting from casual to formal. Modern Blinds has shopped the world searching for the most beautiful reeds, grasses, fibers to be found in our unique collection of fabrics for our Natural Woven Shades. We offer motorization in all of our Natural Woven Shades. We have 4 different style options for our Natural Woven Shade line...

Roman Shade

-Clean lines, tailored and simple in design, the shade hangs flat when lowered, and folds neatly in 5″ to 9″ folds when raised. Draw cord is concealed behind the shade for a clean appearance.

.Roman Shade With Valance

-Operating cord is easily accessible and visible in front of the shade. A tailored, simple design. This shade hangs flat when lowered and folds neatly in 5″ to 9″ folds when raised to almost disappear behind the optional valance at the top.

.Top Down / Top Down-Bottom Up Shade

-Top Down shade is lowered from the top so that you can see over it and still have coverage at the bottom. It allows for privacy while still giving you access to natural light.

The Top Down shade stacks at the bottom when lowered. A lined 6″ valance is required to conceal the operating mechanisms.Operating cords are easily accessible in front of the shade.

-Top Down-Bottom Up designed for those with special privacy needs. This unique shade can be lowered from the top so that you can see over it, and still have coverage at the bottom, or raised from the bottom like a standard shade, and stacked at the top. Operating cords are easily accessible in front of the shade. One cord will operate the bottom up function, the other cord on the opposite side will operate the top down function. A lined 6″ valance is required to conceal the operating mechanisms.


-A perfect shade treatment when you mostly want light, but sometimes need darkness or privacy. A Roman shade and a room-darkening or privacy roll shade are mounted on the same headrail.Each shade is operated independently. The roll shade is hidden behind the Roman shade, and is pulled down only when needed.

.Natural Woven Panels are perfect for covering a patio or atrium door. Shades are sometimes inconvenient over a door because they have to be fully raised for access, but a panel can be quickly pushed to the side. And the look of a Natural Woven Panel is dramatic and beautiful.

-Grommet-Top Natural Woven Drapery Panel fall into soft rolling folds formed by grommets that slip over a decorative rod. Can be used as stationary side panels, or as a functioning drapery. A variety of grommet finishes and decorative rods are available for use with this panel.

-Ripple-Fol Natural Woven Drapery Panel forms uniform rolling folds using specially designed decorative traverse hardware with a contemporary look. These are functioning draperies that can be easily opened and closed. A variety of decorative and traverse rods are available for use with this panel.

Roman Shades

Modern Blinds offers quality finished Roman Shades in various styles. We can create a simple Flat Shade to sophisticate Balloon Shade with your own fabric or our in stock fabric to your measurement. We use premium clear pine headrail and standard lining in ivory or white. We provide color coordinating cords, tassels and cordlock. Cord and pulley available upon request.

We offer customized options in blackout lined, interlined, continuous cord, banding, decorative trimmings, and the shades may be raised from the bottom up. Shades can also be ordered as cords forward with valance add an extra charge.

.Flat Pleated Shade

- Flat Pleated Roman Shade creates rear-facing stay pockets which add detail to the front of the shade. It pulls up easily with a clean fold which gives a simple and a straight flat look.

.Soft Fold Shade

- Soft Fold Roman Shade uses overlapping folds that creates soft appearance. It uses hobbled fold and the shade is always lined which is essential to the hobbling. It gives cascading look when it is raised and folds top to bottom.

.Front Pleated Shade

- Front Pleated Shade is a flat style with front-facing stay pockets that adds detail to the front of the shade. It opens up with tighter stack. This shade can be made up in any type of fabric but large fabric prints are interrupted by the stay pockets.

.Front & Back Pleated Shade

- Front & Back Plated Shade is a flat style with rear & front stay pockets that adds detail to the front of the shade. It takes most tighter stack due to amount of space taken when it is pull up. This shade can be made up in any type of fabric but large fabric prints are interrupted by the stay pockets.

.Flat Shade

- Flat Shade gives a simple and clean look that uses one square panel of fabric with stays to keep the panel flat when the shade is up or down. It is ideal for the fabric with a large prints which gives a entire visibility on the face of the shade

.Grommet Shade

- Grommet Shade has one grommet pocket between two pleats of equal size. The stays on this shade are clear aluminum. The shade’s lifting cords are routed through the grommets. This shade can be made up in any fabric but if the fabric is sheer, the shade must be lined or the face fabric will tear at the grommets. Large prints fabric not recommended due to interrupted by the grommet folds at the back of the shade.

.Relaxed Shade

- Relaxed Shade uses one square panel of fabric with an one oval rod on the bottom to keep the panel flat when the shade is down. The large fabric prints can be displayed to their best visibility with the soft style on the bottom.

.Relaxed with Tails Shade

- Relaxed with Tails Shade uses a square flat fabric panel and the narrow tucked side panels are created by tacking the fabric to the lining at each pleat. This shade swags gracefully in the center when it is made with soft and pliable fabrics. The Shade is ideal for fabrics with large prints due to the square flat fabric panel. The finished height is measure from the top of the shade to the top of the center swag and it does not include the swag or tails.

.Balloon (Single Pouf) Shade

- Balloon Shade with a single pouf uses a loose relaxed style to create a simple pleat at the top center that falls into a relaxed pouf on the bottom. The tuck at the top of each width of fabric can be adjusted for wider shades.

.Balloon (Multi-Pouf) Shade

- Balloon Shade with a multi-pouf uses inverted pleats along the top of the shade that fall into a full balloon poufs at the bottom. The multi-pouf creates elegance style that makes it a good choice for a formal setting.

Zebra Shades

Modern Blinds offers a new “ZEBRA” shade. This new roller shade combines light control of a horizontal blind with the softness of a fabric shade. Simply adjust the shade panel in one position to achieve a soft translucence of a sheer or adjust further to create privacy. It is a similar look to the brand “silhouette” however it does not have a “vane” in the middle.

Faux Wood Blinds

Sometimes real wood just isn’t the right application for a window. Maybe there is just too much moisture in the room, or too much heat coming into the window. Whatever the reason, Modern Blinds offers an alternative to allow the customer a wood look without the potential problems.

Our Faux Wood Blinds are made from a man made synthetic material that is more durable than wood. These Faux Wood Blinds are washable and more resistant to warping. Faux Wood Blinds are available in 2” slats and built with our 2-1/4” x 1-1/2” low profile headrail. It comes with contoured trapezoid bottomrail and the royal crown valance included with it. We have numerous styles and option’s to fit your need from light to dark colors.

Traditional Wood blinds

Modern Blinds manufactures this popular window coverings to give the home owner the best in color and design style. All wood blinds are available in 2″ slats and 2-1/4” x 1-1/2” low profile metal headrail system in coordinating color. It comes with contoured trapezoid bottomrail and royal crown valance as standard features. We use high quality woods avaliable in most popular colors.

routeless (not a blackout) available for privacy control of the light at an extra charge.

Motorized Shades

Modern Blinds offers a few options of motorized system’s to our custom shades to customer’s who are interested in home automation. Our motorized system’s have a full line of products for basic to a full automated system. Our motorized systems come with limited warranty for the motors and electronic components. Our system comes with a remote-control shades either a built-in radio receiver or a built-in infrared receiver if you decide to chose that option. With the remote control, you’ll be able to command your shades to open, close, or stop at any spot in between. The infrared remote comes in standard or upgrade to the radio-controlled remote. Each remote can control the shades on up to four windows in any room. You can choose from plug-in,or hardwiring the system to your home,and also battery powered system’s. You can also comfortably link your iPhone/Andrioid or your Amazon Alexa devices to control the motorized system.

Mini Blinds

Whether being used in a commercial building or throughout an entire home, 1″ Mini Blinds are a beacon in the window covering industry and Modern Blinds builds the best.

These economically priced 8-gauge aluminum blinds are available in a variety in-stock colors and are built with a sleek 1” x 1” headrail. It comes in box style brackets and standard controls come in tilt wand on the left and lift cord on the right. You may select to reverse the standard positions or put both controls on one side. All our 1” Mini Blinds come with a 2″ slat valance.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds provide a contemporary look while allowing for amazing light control. Because of the advancements made in the production of vinyl resulting in stylish fabric like design, along with the practical benefits of neutrality to the homes exterior appearance, Modern Blinds manufactures vertical blinds in PVC only.

We offer RE-1000 track (clutch) headrail system that provides re-aligning feature and center carrier stems which give a convenience in control positioning at the job site. It is available with chain rotation control and cord traverse control. Pulley provided for securing cord to wall. Wand control is also available upon request in off white.

Vertical valances are also available in a variety of styles for an extra charge. The standard valances have a traditional tailored corner return. The round wrapped valances come with preassembled corners that are curved and sleek which give smoother look. The executive valances come with a trimmed finished on the top and bottom of the valance for more detailed design.

Vinyl Blinds

Modern Blinds offers economically priced 2” Vinyl blinds they come as horizontal blinds. Easy to clean,very durable and long lasting material ,we provide the vinyl blinds only in 1 color (White) it gives any home a contemporary look at an affordable cost.

We Offer a Shades For Unique Windows Such As..


.Quarter Arches




.Curved Window

.Bay Window

.Slanted Window

.Bow Window

.Pyramid Window

.Curved Top Window

.Slant-Top Window

We offer limited warranty on all of our Blind & Shades

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